March 26, 2019

Max announced today on his YouTube Channel MaxiAspie that he will be doing a ZIP Line in Wales in tribute to his late Cousin James and his Grandad Lewis who passed away 10 years ago!


Video Down Below 




Max for the last 4 years has made sure he has done something for charity every year and has raised over those years £2748 that has gone to countless amount of charities! 


This Year the money will go to two charities one being the British Heart Foundation and the other being The Roy Castle Foundation! 


Max Said "This year I will be doing a ZIP LINE! I do not like heights at all and am training currently to get into shape for this. I want my Grandads Name to live on forever and my cousins as they both meant a lot to myself and family." 


This has now been set up as a crowdfund page but the page will later be separated so Max can split the money fairly between the two Charities 


To Donate please follow the link down below!







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