WrestleMania Video Now Available

April 28, 2019

Max is now back from America and Max has a great time! Max would like to thank Wrestling Travel for all their work they put in to making these trips affordable and doable! 


While in America Max filmed the whole journey from the airport in England all the way to WrestleMania all the way back! 


Max has now released the video on his YouTube channel MaxiAspie, the video is a 2 hour special video on the channel and its the first special video in the MaxiAspie era. 


Max said "I got to go to Mania with a great friend and I got to meet some great new friends as well, I got to see The Undertaker which was the main reason I went and I got to meet some of the best wrestlers in the industry today, I got to do fake entrances and even managed to get on the TV, I have got so many stories about this journey and I am so glad I finally done what I wanted to do since a young boy and that was go to WrestleMania" 


The Video of the trip is down below



















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