The Autism Connections EXTRA Guest!

May 5, 2020

On The 26th of April Max announced on His YouTube Channel MaxiAspie that he would be releasing a series called The Autism Connections with Nine Guests.


In the middle of the series Max announced today on Social Media that their will be One extra guest and that guest is Connor Ward! 



Max said "I am so pleased and honoured to have Connor part of this series, I was honoured and proud to be part of a video Connor made called We Are Autism and its only fitting that he is part of this series"


You Can See the We Are Autism Video Down-Below 


Connor Ward 















About Connor Ward


Connor Ward has Autism and he is a Speaker, Consultant, Vlogger, Part-time Student and Autism Content Creator.


Connor Creates Videos on His YouTube Channel and Currently Has Over 4 Thousand Subscribers. 


Social Media

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Website -


Connors Episode Will be one of the last ones of this Series! 




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