August 14, 2017

The Launch of MaxJGreen.Com has arrived! On this Website you will everything to do with Max J Green


You Will See on the top of the page you have all these tabs (Picture below) 



Home Page will include the About page where you can find out more about Max, and will also feature the gallery and contact option at the bottom with a subscribe feature possibly coming soon.


About page will tell you about Max and his journey so far.

The News page will include backdated stories which have been entered before the launch of Max J Green and for now on will all be up to date present news on Max. They can vary on what the news is about, it could be a milestone on YouTube all the way to another project or event Max has attended all the way to getting a role on a TV Show, what ever it is the official story will be accessible on MAXJGREEN.COM


This also includes a whole page dedicated to Max's Acting and Public Speaking Resume where you can see what shows and appearance Max has made. It will also tell you more about Max and his description of what he looks like followed by his show reel and downloadable Resume. If you wish not to download it, it also list his credits on the website with each credit linking to IMDB.


Max also runs a YouTube Channel called MaxiBlog. Max uploads weekly videos on YouTube discussing a range of different topics, they will also be accessible on MaxJGreen.Com. Due to the success of MaxiBlog and being on YouTube for 4 Years Max decided to launch MaxJGreen.Com


You will also be able to see pictures of Max while he has been doing projects in acting or public speaking. They also will all have a link on them, they will take you to another site that is linked with that photo depending on what the photo is. 


Last and not least you can Contact Max by using our contact form, if it is a project you having coming up and your interested in Max attending, YouTube collaboration or even a Acting role please contact us using the form! 


Thank you for reading this and if you need any help round the site please let us know. 


Max released the following on Facebook before the Website was launched, showing people a leaked photo of the Home page before it was published. 



Max also released the video below on MaxiBlog down below one day before the Launch









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