MaxiAspie Has Launched!

January 20, 2019

Last Week Max Announce on his Former YouTube Channel MaxiBlog that MaxiBlog has "Ran it's course and it's time for a new start" 


Max Announced in the same video that he would be launching a new channel and his final channel called MaxiAspie



Max Stated that " I was talking about Autism more and more on My channel and I felt it was time to move away from MaxiBlog and create a channel more branded around Autism and also have a nice new fresh start on a new channel and I think MaxiAspie will be that channel! I have been on YouTube for about Ten Years and feel this is going to be the final channel and the channel that I hold dearest to my heart, I thought this of MaxiBlog but only time will tell if MaxiAspie is what I am looking for." 


MaxiAspie was created on January 3rd 2019 and MaxiAspie has now launched with its first video on the January 20th 2019!



Max encouraged everyone to Subscribe to the New channel and says " This is not the end its just the beginning"  


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