Max to Speak About Autism To His Current Employer for Autism Awareness Week

April 3, 2020

As its Autism Awareness Week Max has been invited by his current Employer to speak about Autism this week over video call to raise awareness in their workplace around Autism.


Max sadly had loads of plans this week but a lot of them was cancelled due to COVID 19.


Max is still working from home currently for his current employer and they thought it would be brilliant for Max to host a presentation Live Video call conference and speak about Autism.


Max said "It was such a honour to be asked by them to do a presentation a live video call with everyone to Ask Questions it really shows they are keen to want to know more and learn more about it I have been with them now for 6 months and they are very supportive of me and everything I do and its nice to know that they are aware of my condition and want to learn more about not only how it may affect me but others as well its a nice thing for them to do I think and I can say the first time my employer has asked me to speak to the employees of the company and do presentation around Autism for me its a honour and so happy they asked" 


Unfortunately this was not filmed due to Data Protection and Confidentiality 

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