Max to Leave Sovereign

May 11, 2018

Max Announced today via Linked IN that he will be leaving Sovereign. Max has said that " I will miss Sovereign, but I need to progress in my career, Sovereign have made me who I am and for that I will always be thankful." 


On linked IN he said the following


"As Some off you might know I am sadly leaving Sovereign :( It has not been an easy decision however I have made the choice to move on and progress in my Career. I hope to stay in touch with all of you and I hope you see more off me on the big screen! I would like to thank everybody for their support and this is in work and also my acting, my charity events and even my public speaking. I have had the pleasure to work with some great people and some not so great :P Joking! I have had the chance to meet and work with some great people and that is what I will miss the most! There are some people I want to thank in particular but I will save that for another day. I want to thank HR and my manager and the people who was there day one when I had my interview at Sovereign for giving me the opportunity at Sovereign for someone with no GCSE's and a list of conditions as long as his arm they gave me a chance and I will always appreciate that because as you might know only 16% percent of people with Autism are in full time work. Sovereign Gave me the chance to do a job I love and I thank them for that. "


Max had loads of comments about how he would be missed, Max's last day will be May 22ND 2018. 





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