Max at Houses Parliament Review!

May 24, 2019

Max spoke at the houses of Parliament last month and the event was really good. 


Max got to meet some amazing people and got to speak to the lords and the MP's about the big issues surrounding Autism at the moment. 


This was in anniversary to the Autism Act which has now been in affect for 10 Years. 


Max met some great people and what is so interesting about these events is, one how many people have gone through the same experiences, two how let down people feel from the support that they have been given or haven't been and three even with the Autism Act in place there seems to be more Autism awareness but still not enough Understanding around the condition. 


Employers are still unwilling to support people with Autism in the correct ways, Schools inclusion rates are the highest they have been, and the 16% of people with Autism still hasn't changed over 10 years. 


Max's biggest fear he said is "What happens if this never changes? We have got so many people with Autism out there that are so so talented and could easily do the job to the standard of someone without a condition if not better and they are not given a chance to do so, at a young age these kids are then kicked out of schools because the school see them as a "problem" when in reality the school are the problem as the education system hasn't moved forward in the respect of supporting people with learning conditions I feel we are setting such a bad example right from the beginning of these peoples lives constantly told your weird all the way to getting excluded from school all the way to not being able to find a job because of school and life its a vicious cycle and I feel it can change but people really need to start realising this is a big problem before it's to late" 


Max thanks the NAS for organising this meeting and parliament for giving us the chance to talk about these issues further. 

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