Max Turns 21!

February 22, 2018

Today Max Turned 21 He had a great day!


He Quoted on Facebook Later that day. 


"I just wanted to say a big Thank You to all that made my Birthday so special. It started off bad and the whole day just changed so quick from the help of the people I work with and all your kind messages Thanks a lot! This is a Birthday I will never forget and it wasn't because of presents or money or anything like that it was down to my family and friends around me thank you so so much!"

Max's Work was not aware it was his Birthday as he hadn't told anyone When Max went back to his Desk they covered it in lots of decorations and balloons wishing him a Happy Birthday!


People came over and sang and the team even went out and brought him a WWE 100 Greatest Matches Book.


Thank You To all! 


Max Went on to Make a video on His YouTube Channel MaxiBlog Announcing his Birthday and Another Announcement, but also made another video about 21 Things He loves and hates bout being 21! 


Videos Down-below!






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