Max To Speak at SenTalk ONLINE!

May 12, 2020

It was Announced Today by Max and SenTalk that Max will be providing an Online Speech for SenTalk on Monday The 18th of May 2020! 


This Will Be The First Time Ever Max Will Have A Speech With The Main Focus Being Around His OCD! 


Max said "I am looking forward to the speech should be great fun and really informative. I love doing speeches and it means more to me than ever with the current situation! My Main Goal is someone goes away and learns something even if it's the most smallest thing if it makes them go away and think about it I feel like thats a win for me!" 


In The Event Details it says the Following


"We talk to Max Green about OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and his other neurodiverse conditions. Max is autistic, and also has ADHD, OCD and epilepsy. Max will explain how these conditions affect him day to day, and the challenges which sometimes arise between them.

Max is an actor, YouTuber, public speaker and ambassador for the National Autistic Society.

He went to a specialist school and left without any GCSEs, but got an IT apprenticeship and really excelled with support from his team. He was named Apprentice of the Year in 2016.

Max is now passionate about sharing his experiences and inspiring other autistic people and employers.

We'll be live-streaming on SEN Talk's YouTube channel - a link will be sent to attendees.

The event is FREE, but you are welcome to make a donation to SEN Talk to increase our capacity to support vulnerable children and their families."


If You Would Like To Register for The Event Please Go To This Link


Max Will Be Filming The Event for His YouTube Channel MaxiAspie! 




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