Max To Miss Autism Act 10 Year Celebration at Parliament

March 3, 2020

Sadly Max will not be able to Attend the Autism Act 10 Year Celebration at Parliament due to Illness, He wanted to release this statement. 


"Autism means a lot to me one because I have it but two because it has made me who I am today, I feel no one should be ashamed of having it and yes it is true that people with Autism like myself don't have has many opportunities as people without conditions and yes it can be very difficult at times i wouldn't change the fact I have Autism. I have met amazing people and I get to spread awareness and understanding about Autism nearly everyday and My main goal is to get employment with Autism a lot higher than 16%. My Autism Motivates me to help others and I would not want that to change ever! I am gutted I can't make it tonight but I am sure this will be read out and people that know me will be reading this now. So I want to say Thank You for all the work that government does and will continue to do and a big thank you to the National Autism Society for caring about people with Autism in a world where if it wasn't for them people may not care at all"



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