Max Featured in National Autism Society Autism Awareness Week Video!

March 30, 2020

Max was asked earlier this month to take part in The National Autism Society Autism Awareness Week Video and of course Max said "YES"


Max has been an ambassador for The National Autism Society for 4 years now and it all started with Making a Video With The National Autism Society back in 2016 around Employment. 


Max said "Its a shame we really couldn't do more this year with COVID 19 Normally with have the Autism Hour and a lot more speeches going on and media coverage but due to the Pandemic you can understand why this isn't the case, however with all that said I got to feature in a amazing video with so many talented people and still raise awareness that way which is brilliant" 


The Video Stared various YouTubes who have Autism People like Connor Ward, IndieAndyUK, Jason Ferguson, Kevin Chapman, Billy Jade, Lesley, PurpleElla, Savan Gandecha, Sez Francis and The Aspie World. 


Video was Released by The National Autism Society on March 30th 2020


Video Down-below 



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