Max Cancels Speech at SDI Excel

March 9, 2020

Due to the Seriousness of the CornaVirus Max has Decided that he is cancelling his speech at this event. 


Max is saddened to do this but he feels the pace of this virus is going it would be the mature and sensible thing to do and cancel his attendance at the event. 


Max said "I hope to speak next year at the event, I think the way is it going a lot of events are going to be cancelled which is really sad but the right thing to do of course, at the moment I am still waiting to hear back from other events I have arranged and to see any arrangement we can make to postpone for another time" 


The reason this was Cancelled instead of Postponed was because of the change of date the Service Desk Institution was no longer going to have a diversity panel therefore Max was not needed for this event but hopes they will do one next year.  


Max will keep you updated on other events as well. 

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