Happy New Year! Year in Review and a Decade in Review

January 1, 2020

To Start This off a picture of Max 10 Years ago and Now! 



 Max posted on Facebook the Following Regarding the Last Decade! 


"I have learned a lot in the last Decade and I know I will only learn more in the next Decade! I have almost lost Family and have also lost Family and there is not a day that goes by I don't think of them. In the beginning of the decade I thought to be honest I wouldn't amount to anything in life and I have worked not only to fulfil my dreams but also to help others who have Autism like myself to have the same opportunities as everyone else. My school at the time didn't offer GCSE I was worried but I had to work hard to accomplish what I have. Even with that there has been extreme knock backs and this last year has been tough, however what I have learned in the last decade is, be kind, be patient, be tolerant, work hard, and most of all never think your worth less than anyone else, don't let anybody make you feel that way either. I had a teacher who turned round to me and said "People that say you can do anything in life our liars" I spent a good decade proving him wrong I wanted to be an actor, I did it, I wanted to pass my apprenticeship in IT, I did it, I wanted to start doing something for charity every year I did it.... You see where I'm going with this, but this is the important bit as well I could not of done any of that it if it wasn't for the support of my friends, people I have worked with and all the people I worked with involving Autism and my Family I thank you all very much and also the people who are in my life now Thank You Too"


Max also posted the following on Facebook regarding the last year!


I was going to do a review of the last Decade but I don't think I could remember the last Decade :P

So This Year Instead, To be honest guys this year has been tough and I hope Next Year is Better but there has been a lot of Positives To This Year so I thought I would Name Them

Created YouTube Channel MaxiAspie
MaxiBlog Came to an End

Went To WrestleMania with Karl Harvey
I got to meet The Undertaker, Ric Flair, Bret Hart and Others

Made an Ambassador by Lee McAteer for Wrestling Travel

11 Years on YouTube

Became SDI Qualified (IT)
Became ITIL Qualified (IT)
Sophos Qualified (IT)

Spoke at 19 Events This Year

My Old School X2
Houses of Parliament
Woodfiled Academy
Mental Health Event
Barking Abbey School
London March
The Autism Show
Festival of Education
Oxford Brookes University x2
Oxford United Event
Bradstock Music Festival
ICollege x3
County Lines
Autism Perspective

Lost 2.7 Stone

Met Someone

Met Some Great People

New Job

Appeared and Produced Film Called Crippled Karma

Got to work more with Venessa Bobb Who does an amazing Job

Completed a Zip Wire for Grandad Lou and James and raised over 500 pound to Roy Castle and British Heart Foundation

Still Working With National Autistic Society

Attending Loose Women as a NAS Guest

Spent a lot of time with Friends watching them accomplish great Things.

Thanks To All that Made this Year so Special!

Wish You All A Great New Year!

HIGHLIGHT OF THE YEAR WAS The Zip Line and the Company I had was amazing :)

Next Year GOAL is to Loose More Weight

I will also be doing a 2019 Review Video on MaxiAspie!


Max wants to wish everyone a Happy New Year and posted the following video on his YouTube Channel MaxiAspie  




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