Crippled Karma Released!

November 22, 2019

Yesterday Crippled Karma released and it received loads of positive views! At the moment the film can only be seen at screenings for more information please go to


Sadly Max couldn't make it to the event due to other work commitments at the time, however Max saw all the pictures and all of the film and was thrilled with how it turned out. 


Max said "It is just a masterpeace the performances put in by all the actors and actresses are outstanding and the film deserves some kind of reward and recognision for the message that we are trying to get across, its just outstanding"


One of the biggest questions asked was what is the goal? Paul Mckenzie the director of the film said "So the goal in this short film is to raise awareness about violence in a way that is powerful and graphic, such as the violent act itself. We have explored the concept that victims of violence would often have thoughts and dreams about revenge, but they would not act on them. Leaving the victims feeling powerless and vulnerable sometimes for the rest of their lives. ​Crippled Karma also created a platform for young people to work together with actors that have special needs such as cerebral palsy and austism. The fact that we were able to create all of this with no budget makes this an amazing project for all those involved"


The Film was amazing and to see more about the film please go to the website

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