Crippled Karma Premiere Date

October 30, 2019

The Crippled Karma Premiere takes place on the 21/11/19! 


The film release date was delayed for a number of reasons but the new date has been revealed and we all can't wait for the film to be released! 


It will be released in front of a audience and we only be able to view for now at the screenings to enquire about the listings please visit


Max said "I can't wait for the film it looks amazing and I am so glad I have such a small part but big part in the story and I was able to sit back and produce so other actors could show their talents such a great feeling and such a great message in the film!" 


The Story is about What happens to the victims of violence? Far too often there are victims of senseless violence that feel that they have no voice. This follows the journey of a group of individuals that through destiny are reunited for all the wrong reasons. ​With the level of serious violence on our streets and in our houses, this short film is an insight into what a victim may feel like, and more strikingly what a victim would consider to be justice. ​The film was made as a tool to teach young people and adults that we must take a different perspective when we consider how victims of violence are affected longterm. ​The story follows the different lives of five attackers. It also focuses on the misuse of social media. The cast are varied in ability, with the main actor disabled. There are two cast members with autism​The short film was made with no budget, just the investment of time and passion to alter the narrative and address the current trend of serious youth violence.


Watch The Trailer Here! 



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