Max Visits Brooksfiled School

February 9, 2018

Max Visited Brookfield School Today for Careers Week! Brooksfiled School is part of West Berkshire Local Authority offering a personalised education and support to pupils with learning difficulties and additional needs. 


Max was asked to Visit the School by the Head Teacher Julie. Max really enjoyed the experience and meeting all the pupils of the school and has offered the School as much help as he can this involves things like going to the school again and teaching some of the students drama all the way to trying to organise some work experience with the students by getting in touch with some of the people Max knows.  


Max went on to say that "Julie is fantastic and she really cares about the school and all of the pupils, you can see as soon as you walk in how friendly everyone is and how great and supportive the school is I was really impressed" 


Max took part in a questions and answers game where the students had to go to each table where someone was sat and ask them questions and try to guess what job they did for a living! 


Max was so happy by the event the students all spoke to him and told Max about a school play they had coming up as soon Max heard about this play Max asked Julie if he could attend the play Max has been invited to the play which takes place in March! 


Max is really looking forward to it and wants to thank everyone at Brookfiled School for a amazing day! 

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