Speaking At The Festival of Education

June 22, 2018

Max and Jon Reid spoke at the Festival of Education. Max Said "It was really successful day me and Jon was running late due to one bad turn on the way there however we did make it on time and It was a honour to speak to everyone" 


After the speech Max was approached by Sage Publishing who showed a great interest in Max and Jon writing a book, Max was amazed by this and has now started to work towards that project. 


Max answered all the questions he was given and got a lot of good feedback with the speech. 


Max and Jon has been going around a lot of places doing speeches and the success of them are overwhelming Max and Jon thanks everyone for their support and they are so glad that people love the combination of a teacher and a student telling their story and I'm sure there is more to come! 

Video of the speech will be out soon on Max's YouTube Channel MaxiBlog very soon. 


Some more photos of the Event down below. 













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