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The Autism Connections Season 3!

Max Announced on His YouTube Channel MaxiAspie today that The Autism Connections Season 3 will be airing this week alongside National Autistic Acceptance Week! However the massive change and great news this year is there will be 6 guests and half of the series will be filmed online and the other half of the series will be for the first time ever in person interviews!

Max said "I Still wanted to keep half of the series online as some people still feel comfortable with that and its also easier, however I do and always have wanted the series to have the interviews in person but was stopped due to the pandemic. So if there is a season 4 after this season I have a lot to think about!"

Max announced the following Guests for The Autism Connections Season 3

Pete Fry - In Person Interview

About Pete Fry

Pete Fry was my PE Teacher but also a Learning Support Assistant at my Primary School.

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Laura Farris - In Person Interview

About Laura Farris

Laura is the local MP for Newbury and has been a great supporter of mine, I have received many letters from Laura and had the honour to speak to her around the work I do for Autism

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Billie Green - In Person Interview

About Billie Green

My Mum I speak to her about her experience of Autism before I was born and what it was like bringing me up.

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Alexis Quinn - Online Interview

About Alexis Quinn

Alexis is Autistic and is a successful Author and Manager for the Restraint Reduction Network

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Elly Chapel - Online Interview

About Elly Chapel

Elly is the Founder if Flip the Narrative and shares the story about her daughter Ella who is deafblind.

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Orlando Bolt - Online Interview

About Orlando Bolt

Orlando is a Young Man who was Diagnosed With Asperges When he was younger. We talk about the struggles he has had in his life from the really down times to the up times.

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This Series has another great line up and we can't wait for the episodes to be released!

They will be coming to you everyday from tomorrow March 28th, with the last episode on the 2nd of April!

The Announcement can be seen below!


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