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Small Announcement

Max announced on his YouTube Channel a small announcement today. Max today announced that his speeches will no longer be able to be watched in full on MaxiAspie anymore, all old speeches will remain on the channel however going forward Max has announced that a video at the end of each year of all Max's speeches will be put into a compilation and will be viewable that way.

Max said "I want to get back to making weekly videos and that is so hard when you have to edit an hour speech every-time you do a speech, I want the channel to be informative but at the same time I want people to come to the speeches and not be able to watch it on catchup and I want people to come to the channel for quick 3 to 6 minutes videos of advice that will really help people, I believe this new model is the way to go for the channel"

You can see the video below on Max's YouTube Channel MaxiAspie.


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