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Max Presents Award At The WBTC 2018 Rising Stars Awards Show!

Once again WBTC celebrated the success of Their learners and their employees in style this year!

The Apprentice Graduation and Awards for 2018 was held on Wednesday 25th April at the fantastic Arlington Arts Centre in the grounds of the Mary Hare School, Snelsmore Common, Newbury. I would like to congratulate all the finalists for making it through to the finals of the 2018 Rising Stars event, they all proved themselves worthy of winning and I can imagine it was a difficult choice finding a clear winner.

Max won the Apprentice of the Year award In 2016 and Max asked if he could present the award this year. The reason Max wanted to do this is because he wanted to one, see one of the apprentices Max trained Graduate and two Max said " I want to give someone the same feeling I got when I won, I surpose a handing of the torch moment"

Max presented the award in style as Max went to announce the winner he paused which made the crowd abrupt in laughter!

Max was very honoured to present the award and rumours have it he is a shoe in for co host next year!

Max said " Thank you to everyone and the WBTC for giving me the chance to give someone else their moment, there it nothing else like it, they are supportive and a great company and if you are struggling to find a job or an Apprenticeship I would advise them to anybody"

No Video was taken of the event Sadly, however there was some photos!

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