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The Max J Green - Hall of Fame

Following Breaking Bad's Ten Year Anniversary Max made a tribute video on his YouTube Channel MaxiBlog inducting Breaking Bad into the Hall Of Fame

Max never made an announcement about this but Breaking Bad is its first inductee into the Hall of Fame.

Max has made tributes to some other stars before when they have passed and because of this they have also been Inducted into the Hall of Fame

The following are currently in the Hall of Fame are


The Undertaker / Mark Calloway

Robin Williams

Roger Lloyd Pack

TV Shows

Breaking Bad

The Max J Green Hall Of Fame we look at TV Shows, Films, and people. Sometimes people won't be inducted due to things that happened outside in their personal lives and if what they did, however if they went on to change who they was or even faced the consequences of their actions this can be subject to change but Max judges this on a person to person basis.


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