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The Autism Connections - Steph Akerman - Video Is Now Available!

The Forth Episode of The MaxiAspie Special Series The Autism Connections has been Released and repeating from the last few years the forth episode to the sixth episode its In Person Interviews and Max's Forth Guest is Steph Akerman.

Steph Akerman

About Steph Akerman

Steph is a Learning & Development Delivery Lead at SNG, she was also in charge of the Apprenticeship scheme and was the person who helped and supported Max during his first ever apprenticeship and job, she is also the mother of Ollie who is Autistic.

Social Media

Max Posted on Social Media

"Thanks To Steph Akerman, SNG are lucky to have you but more importantly so is Ollie! Thank You for everything you do and letting us get to know your story more! Inspirational!"

See Video Down-Below


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