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The Autism Connections - Rt Hon Robert Buckland KC Mp - Video Is Now Available!

The Seventh and Final Episode of The MaxiAspie Special Series The Autism Connections Season 5 has been Released and Max's Last Guest is Rt Hon Robert Buckland KC MP.

Robert Buckland

About Robert Buckland

Robert is the MP for South Swindon and Chair Of The All Party Parliamentary Group On Autism. Robert has recently Led the Buckland Review which was published by The Department for Work and Pensions which highlights the key areas of where things need to improve when it comes to Autism and Employment.

Social Media

Max Posted on Social Media

"Thanks so Much to Sir Robert Buckland KBE KC MP, It was such an honour to have you on the show and Thank You for The Buckland Review which I hope will inspire many Employers!

Thanks to All That Took Part on this Season of The Autism Connections."

See Video Down-Below


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