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The Autism Connections - Vanessa Anderson - Video Is Now Available!

The Sixth and Final Episode of The MaxiAspie Special Series The Autism Connections Season 4 has been Released and Max's Last Guest is Vanessa Anderson.

Vanessa Anderson

About Vanessa Anderson

Vanessa Anderson was my TA when Max was in primary school. She made a massive impact on Max's life and after 16 years of wondering what she was up to they reconnected 2 years ago and haven’t looked back.

Social Media

Max Posted on Social Media

"Thank you so much Vanessa, It was truly a heartfelt and emotional moment when we reconnected a moment I will treasure for ever. Thank you for being in my life. Thanks to All That Took Part on this season of The Autism Connections. This Season Is Dedicated To a Loved One"

See Video Down-Below


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