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The Autism Connections - Mark Rist - Video Is Now Available!

The First Episode of The MaxiAspie Special Series The Autism Connections Season 5 has been Released and Max's First Guest is Mark Rist.

Mark Rist

About Mark Rist

Mark Rist is the Head of Education at More Education a Charity which launched in 2019 with the aim of creating a specialist school for those young people who could not access mainstream education. In 2021 Mark and His Wife Tori launched Koala a true community 'one stop shop' that not only hopes to provide a learning environment for those children and young people who cannot cope in mainstream but also facilitates the empowerment and authentic connections for neurodivergent people in the community.

Social Media

Max Posted on Social Media

"Thanks To Mark Rist for agreeing to be part of this Season! He is such a great guy and does an amazing work at More Education and Koala people like him really make the world go round!

Thank You Mark for all you do!"

See Video Down-Below


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