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The Autism Connections - Aimee Laming - Video Is Now Available!

The Forth Episode of The MaxiAspie Special Series The Autism Connections has been Released and repeating from last years series from the forth episode onwards its in person interviews and Max's Forth Guest is Aimee Laming.

Aimee Laming

About Aimee Laming

Aimee is a Speech and Language Therapist who currently works at a school supporting who are Autistic and have other conditions. Aimee has been working with children and young teens who are autistic for over 20 years as well as seeing children with a range of speech and language needs.

Social Media

Max Posted on Social Media

"Thanks To Aimee, it was truly an honour and a privilege to interview you. You are an amazing person who is truly amazing at their work and that goes to the whole of the team at the school."

See Video Down-Below


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