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Thanks To All The Guests Of The Autism Connections Season 3 and Dedication To Indie Andy

The Autism Connections Season 3 Has now ended with the last guest being Pete Fry, however we would like to dedicate this series to Andy Burns (IndyAndy) Who sadly past away at the end of last year.

Max Said " I didn't know Andy personally but he made a difference to so many peoples lives with his videos. He was an amazing person and everyone I speak to misses him dearly. He videos will live on forever as they gave such helpfully advice and support to people at times when they needed it most. I hope this series has done that to and I want to dedicate this series to him as that is what he stood for acceptance and awareness.

Max posted on his social media saying the following

"This Season of The Autism Connections I would Like to Dedicate to IndieAndy who made lots of videos and was a real advocate for the Autism Community."

RIP Andy Burns (IndieAndy)

18 June 1992 - 28 December 2021


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