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Thanks To All The Guest Of The Autism Connections Season 2 and Dedication To Cheryl Gillan

The Autism Connections Season 2 Has now ended with the last guest being Jon Reid, however during todays last episode news broke that Cheryl Gillan had sadly passed away.

Max had met and spoke to Cheryl Gillan a number of times when Max has had speeches up in Parliament and more than she knew meant a great deal to Max, Max said "She was one of those who understood it and got it and if it wasn't for people like Cheryl Gillan we wouldn't have an Autism Act thats for sure, she was an amazing person and made the foundation for people like myself to speak about Autism and raise awareness about it, just a terrific lady and she will be missed"

Max posted on his social media saying the following

"This Season of The Autism Connections I would Like to Dedicate to Dame Cheryl Gillan who supported and helped so many Autistic People."

"I am so shocked to hear this, she was an amazing person who helped so many people. I Will Miss Her Dearly

Cheryl Gillan was an amazing person and was a champion to all Autistic People, your devotion and work bringing Awareness towards Autism will never be forgotten.

When I came up to parliament to speak my face would light up because I knew I would be listened to and Heard."

RIP Dame Cheryl Gillan 21 April 1952 - 4 April 2021


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