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Rough Runner Charity Event - Memory of Bob Marchbank

Max does a charity event every year and this year Max Has decided to do an event in memory of Bob Marchbank.

Bob Marchbank was beloved by many and was one of the people who changed Max's life for the greater good along with his son Rob Marchbank. Bob Marchbank was headteacher of the secondary school Max attended and built the school from the ground up. Bob understood the foundation of support and motivating young people. He helped people with special needs and created an environment for teachers to be able to do the same thing. As well as having led a distinguished career in teaching, he was also known for his fundraising sports challenges, which included a 500km cycle ride from Scotland to his home in Witney, canoeing, cycling and sailing around Jersey in 24 hours and completing the Three Peaks Challenge on a bike.It is believed his exploits raised more than £10,000.

Bob Marchbank died aged 59 due to Pancreatic Cancer and has been in peoples hearts ever since. A Quote that summed Bob up in one sentence from his lovely wife, Maureen was “There are many who will live longer lives than Bob, but few who will do as much.”

This year Max will be taking part of Rough Runner a 15 KM Run with 20 Obstacles to overcome. Max Said " I am not fit at all and am training currently to get into shape for this. I want Bob Marchbank Name to live on forever as he helped many people."

Max Opened The Just Giving Page on the 19th of February 2018 with a £500 pound Target in Just two days Max raised £200 Pounds and 9 days later Max had already reached the target of £500 pound! Please though still donate as all the money goes to The Pancreatic Cancer Action Charity and all the money we can raise will help other people chances of living and being helped before its too late which is what Bob would of wanted! So please visit the page by click on this Link.

Max Announced this on his Youtube Channel MaxiBlog while doing a speech with Jon Reid a former teacher of Max's who used to work with Bob Marchbank before leaving the school. You can see the speech down below!

Max Announced The News on His YouTube Channel MaxiBlog


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