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Rest in Peace Grandad Keith

During the publishing of the Autism Connections Max's Grandad sadly died very tragically, it was not expected and shocked the family.

Today Max announced the news on Social Media along with a special video of his Grandad.

"RIP Grandad Keith

We Lost a Very Special Person in Our Family Very Suddenly.

I Miss you Grandad and I Love You.

It is times like this I am glad I filmed every Family Christmas Despite it being a pain for everyone! I will look back at these videos with a smile on my face remembering you for the kind, loving and funny person you was and the best Grandad I could ask for. Love You Always"

Max also Dedicated This Years Autism Connections to His Grandad, his Grandad was very proud of Max and all the Autism Awareness work Max is involved in.

Rip Desmond "Keith" Johnson

28 October 1947 - 31 March 2023


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