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Oxford University Speech!

Max Spoke at Oxford Brooks University, he spoke about special needs, but mainly Autism and Asperger's and how it has affected him in his life. He was invited by a old teacher and mentor Max use to be taught by called Jon Reid, Jon is now a Senior lecturer in Child Development, Special Educational Needs / Disability and inclusion at Oxford Brooks University. Jon saw Max grow when he was teaching Max at school. Jon got back in touch with Max when her heard about what Max had been up over the years, that is when Jon heard about Max and all his TV roles and where Max was now working and how well he was doing! Jon is also credited for telling Max about the National Autistic Campaign and told Max that he should "Go for it" Max did exactly that and went for it and Max ended up being the star of the campaign. Jon invited Max up to Oxford Brooks to share some stories in front of One Hundred people training to become teachers themselves. The great thing about this for Max and Jon is they both share the same experiences and the same struggles as Max was coping with the condition at school and through life and Jon always supported Max and learned about the condition along the way.

Max With Jon Reid

They are still in touch today and credits Jon for being someone he always looked up to.

The Video has now been released on MaxiBlog and is in a latest news article!

To see more of Jon Please Go to this Link


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