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New Branding and The Autism Connections Season 2!

Max Announced on His YouTube Channel MaxiAspie today that a rebrand to the channel has now occurred Max said "I want this channel to be Autistic Friendly and I want to make sure its not only comfortable with me but with everyone plus I have felt for some time now it has needed an update so I hope the rebrand gives it that new feel'

There is also a brand new Intro added to the Channel too!

The Channel Now Looks Like This!

The Other big announcement was the return of The Autism Connections! The Major Diference this year is it will run aside National Autism Awareness Week! This will mark the second series of The Autism Connections and again sadly these have all been filmed over video due to the pandemic, Max said "I did think we would be able to meet up at this point for the second season but how wrong was I! However it's still a great series with some great guests!"

Max announced the following Guests for The Autism Connections Season 2

Jon Reid

About Jon Reid

Jon was my former teacher and deputy head when I went to a SEN School in 2011. Since then Jon has moved on from the school and became a senior lecture at Oxford Brooks University and teaches students around SEN and Inclusion. Jon was so much more than a teacher he was a mentor and now one of my closest friends.

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Venessa Bobb

About Venessa Bobb

Vanessa is a mother with Autistic Children and is the founder of A2ndvoice which helps and supports Autistic families get the support and awareness that they need, I have worked with Vanessa a lot and I can honestly say she is one of the most inspiration and hardest working people I have met.

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Jade Page

About Jade Page

Jade is the founder of the Autism Page which gives great advise and tips to parents with Autistic Children, Jade is also a mum of 2 boys with her eldest son being diagnosed with Autism at age 2.

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Tom Milson

About Tom Milson

Tom is a headteacher at Eagle House School which is a specialist therapeutic provision for children with a joint diagnosis of SEMH and ASC.

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Jo Billington

About Jo Billington

Jo is a Mum of 2 autistic children and she is also an Autism Doctoral Researcher.

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Lee Tarbox

About Lee Tarbox

Lee Tarbox was a former manager of mine and now friend, I felt Lee was always supportive of me while I worked with him.

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Czech Engine's Instagram -​

Rob Brennan

About Rob Brennan

Rob is a Ring Announcer and Has Autism and Epilepsy.

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Kim Baker

About Kim Baker

Kim works for Family Voice Surrey and is also a Mum to her Autistic Child Matty. Kim works very hard raising the understanding and awareness for Autism and I am honoured to have her on The Autism Connections.

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Family Voice Surrey -

This Series has a great line up and I can't wait for the episodes to be released!

They will be coming to you everyday this week with the last episode on the 5th of April!

The Announcement can be seen below!


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