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Max Receives Letter from His Old PE Teacher MR Fry

Max this week received a really kind letter from his Old PE Teacher MR Fry. Mr Fry meant a lot to Max and they had a really good relationship in school, Max said "Mr Fry was one of the only teachers who understood me, he was kind and just knew how to socialise with me, I had a great laugh with Mr Fry and we keep in touch to this day but I still wasn't expecting a letter from him! I will go to see him soon to say thank you so watch out!"

Max plans on seeing Mr Fry very soon and thanking him for his heartfelt letter

The letter said

"Dear Max

Thought After Reading about Your Princess Diana Award I Must Write to congratulate you on this achievement. You are an absolute champion for Autism. Keep up the Fantastic Work mate and take care.

Kind Regards

Mr Fry"


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