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MaxiBlog to End

Max Announced this week to the world on His YouTube Channel MaxiBlog that the channel was now coming to an end.

Max stated that "I loved MaxiBlog but MaxiBlog isn't quite where I want it to be and that The Content on the channel has changed recently and the channel has been more about Autism which I want to talk about more, I want a fresh start I use to sub to a lot of people when I first started MaxiBlog and now a lot of those people have left the platform and I got subscribers there but no one watching, I want a channel I can brand around Autism and I want a fresh Start"

Max also stated in his YouTube video that he has not give up on YouTube and therefore announced that he is opening a new YouTube Channel up called MaxiAspie and has vowed this will be his last channel unless this channel takes off.

Max has been on YouTube for 10 years and has had over 18 YouTube Channels and he feels that now he has got the branding right, the subject right and the channel right.

Max also announced that on the new YouTube Channel you will still see events such as when Max does Charity events, when he is featured on TV he will still film behind the scenes, Max's Family will still be on the channel, Challenges will still be featured time to time, Hall of Fame videos of Max's Idols when inducted in the Max J Green Hall of Fame and Max will review TV shows when Autism is involved and speak more about Autism going forward on the New Channel MaxiAspie

Max also Announced that MaxiBlog isn't being Closed down it will just no longer be running anymore and no future videos will be posted on that channel, any past videos you will still be able to watch on the channel and there will even be a playlist on the New Channel MaxiAspie so it is more easy to access.

The Video of the Announcement can be seen down below

Max announced the Video will be Next Sunday on MaxiAspie.


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