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Max To Speak On Daisy And Me Podcast!

Max has agreed to be a guest on the Daisy and Me Podcast! Its a new podcast presented by Louise, Neil and Ronnie Barbour. Louise and Neil are the parents of Daisy and Ronnie Barbour is a BBC Radio Presenter but also the Grandparent of Daisy.

The Podcast is about Daisy and Autism, Daisy has Autism and the Podcast looks at the issues surrounding autism, parenting and beyond through the eyes of their experience with Daisy, their daughter and granddaughter.

The Episode Max will be in is Episode Two and it will be around Communication and Autism. The Podcast will be streamed on Spotify!

This Event will be Filmed but Will be Uploaded onto the Daisy and Me Podcast Channel on Spotify and Will be later be shown in a small video on MaxiAsie

The Podcast will be released soon!

Check out Louise, Neil and Ronnie on Twitter Here!


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