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Max To Speak At Tortoise Media Event (Online Live Event)

Max has been invited by Dimensions to speak at a Tortoise Media Event which is titled why do Autistic People Die Early? Max at first was afraid to speak at this event as the title horrified Max as you can imagine. However Max decided he will attend the event as he wants to challenge that statement and look at the statistics behind it. Max said "At first I wanted to avoid this event at all costs as I know things like Spectrum 10K will come up which I completely disagree with and I am so glad they have put that on pause, but I want to learn more and want to see where people are getting their statistics from and what we are doing as a society to make a change"

The Event will be lived streamed on Tortoise Media YouTube Channel and the event is at 6.30PM 16th of September.

Max will add the small clip of him talking on his YouTube Channel MaxiAspie at the end of this year in the Special Compilation Video.


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