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Max To Speak At A2ndVoice Autism, Covid19 And The Police UK/USA (Online Live Event)

It was announced today over Social Media that Max will be speaking at another virtual event for A2ndVoice and will be speaking about Autism, Covid19 And The Police UK/USA. The Event has a list of guests and will be filmed and released on A2ndVoice YouTube Channel and just Max's Speech will be released Max's YouTube Channel MaxiAspie. Max Said " I Can't wait for this event it will be great to listen to people from the other side of the world and their stories and also listening to the stories of the many people in the UK who have had different experiences than myself. I love these events because you are just constantly learning and understanding people more and more."

This Event will be Filmed but Will be Uploaded onto the A2ndVoice Channel and Will be later be shown in a small video on MaxiAsie.

The A2ndvoice YouTube Channel Is here and The Video Will be uploaded as soon as event has finished!


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