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Max Staring in Dimensions UK Hate Crime Advert/Commercial

Max is pleased to announce that he will be playing the role of Matthew Thompson is Dimensions UK Hate Crime Advert/Commercial! This will be Max's first acting role since 2019 when he stared in Crippled Karma.

Max said "I Love Acting and I do Miss it. Since Covid I have struggled getting roles but I will not give up and I would advice other people not to as well. I believe I will get there but I know its going to take time and hard work and that can be hard having a full time job as well but I am 100% dedicated to my acting and I hope to make more progress and get more roles like this as well. Playing Matthew was amazing, the story of what this character goes through is heartbreaking and it really opens your eyes to what does go on with Hate Crime and disabilities.

The Advert/Commercial Will be available soon


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