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Max Quoted By Dimensions UK

Max was asked a question by Dimensions recently and this how now been quoted on their Website. To See Website Click Here

Max said "Working with Chelsea and the Dimensions Council team was an absolute pleasure. Chelsea's dedication to the cause and her commitment to promoting online safety for people with learning disabilities and autistic individuals were truly commendable. It was evident that the Council had a strong focus on inclusivity, ensuring that the voices of those with diverse abilities were heard and valued. I felt a genuine sense of collaboration and enthusiasm from everyone involved in the process.

As an advocate for online safety and inclusivity, I believe the Dimensions Council did an excellent job in championing the rights and concerns of people with learning disabilities and autistic individuals. Their proactive approach in prioritizing this issue and inviting various experts and advocates to share their insights demonstrates their commitment to making a positive impact.

I love working with Dimensions and I thank them for all the work they do!

Max again thanks Dimensions for all that they do.


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