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Max Meets Up With Jon Reid His Former Teacher After 6 Years

Max went up to Oxford Brooks University earlier This year to do a live interview with a former teacher of Max's Jon Reid. Max always looked up to Jon and they are now close friends. Jon met up with Max and they had a great chat. The best thing about the chat was Jon had a guest with him! The guest was none other than another former teacher of Max's and Jon Reid farther David Reid! David Reid was an incredible teacher and was one of the biggest and most respected foundations of the school Max attended. Max has also said 'it was obvious from the moment I met David Reid, how Jon Reid turned out to be a honest, kind and talented guy'

Max J Green, Jon Reid David Reid

Max, Jon and David talked about more what they have been doing with life since they have all left the school now. Max Talked about his acting, Jon spoke about his job at Oxford Brooks and experiences in life and David spoke about his incredible career in teaching, the hard times, the good times and the sad times. David also revealed that he now does narrating for stories and has been approached by a lot of people regarding his work.

The focus of the get together was mainly talking about all their experiences as Max has been invited up to do another speech at Oxford Brooks University in 2018. Max will soon be announced, but the invited came with even more of a shock to Max as Jon Reid said ' It was the most well received and popular things we did that year!'

Max is really looking forward to going up to Oxford Brooks again and sharing more experiences and stories with people to really raise the awareness with Autism.


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