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Max Meets Up With His Teacher 16 Years Later!

Max in all of his speeches has always mentioned one person in particular and that person is Mrs Anderson. Mrs Anderson was Max's TA in 2003 to 2005 and in that short space of time Max had Mrs Anderson as a TA he has always remembered her. Max said "Mrs Anderson was like my primary school Mum, sounds cheesy I know but I never had a connection like that with any of my TA's before I met her, she was kind and just understood me fully and knew how to help me.

Max arranged to meet up with Mrs Anderson after receiving a letter from his old PE Teacher Mr Fry, he met up with Mr Fry and as they was talking Max mentioned Mrs Anderson and wondered how she was doing, Max hadn't spoke to Mrs Anderson for 16 Years and Mr Fry had no idea of her whereabouts either, so Max decided to get online and find out how he could get in contact with her and when he found her he decided to message her.

Max said "I couldn't believe how easy it was to find her but I am so glad I did"

They arranged to meet in a cafe and they had sat down for 4 hours catching up on what had happened in the last 16 and plan to meet up very soon again!

Max will be making a video about this so please stay tuned, you can also see the post Max put out on his social media today talking about the event!


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