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Max LIVE on the Wright Stuff!

Yesterday Max was LIVE on The Wright Stuff! Max spoke about Autism and how it has affected his life one of the things he said on the show was "Normal people all have their own unique quirks and things that make us different but because there isn't a label over it people don't have a problem with it"

Max said this referring to employers who are not understanding of the the condition.

Max was speaking with Jamie lambert part of BGT Winning Group Collabro after the show and Jamie had so much praise for Max and called him a lovely guy in a Tweet!

Max Spoke to Lowri Turner who Max said was lovely and kind and he also said how professional and kind Claudia-Liza Armah was.

Last and not least Max said that he had a great talk with Mikey Kay who also sent a kind hearted tweet to Max. Mikey has a film coming out called the Walk and it is about his brother Spencer who suffers with Autism and Max can not wait to see it!

Mikey Kay Trailer The Walk

Max also filmed the day this video has not yet been released.


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