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Max is Mentioned in Tweet from the National Autistic Society

Max made a video the other day around The National Autistic Society Report they conducted called the Education Report. In Ma's video he reacts to the figures and the statistics and give great advice to schools, teachers and government on what could be done better to improve the situation for Autistic People.

Max said "Making this video meant a lot to me, I want to enforce change and get the awareness out there, I know a lot of people would say well I am a ambassador for the National Autistic Society and I have to say that their report it good but I want to make it clear they didn't ask me to make this video I made it because I think the survey shows a lot and as I said in the video. I thank The National Autistic Society for doing a report like this because it really highlights some key fundamental issues that need to improve.

See Tweet Below

Full Video that Max made on His YouTube Channel MaxiAspie is below!

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