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Max Is Flying a Plane and Raising Money For Parkinsons UK IN mEMORY OF hIS gRANDAD!

Max would normally make a video on his charity event this year but due to Max taking a break from YouTube he is pleased to announce the news on for the first time!

"This year I am doing a charity Plane Ride event in Memory of My Grandad who passed away this year.

Grandad Keith was something else. Always had that warm smile on his face, he had a knack for giving directions like no one else. It was like he had Google Maps in his head, no matter where we were. But what made it special was how he'd tell stories and history into his directions.

He could turn a dull drive into a captivating journey, all the while pointing out landmarks and hidden gems.

A week before he left us, he was diagnosed with Parkinsons, something we think he'd been dealing with for some time. Sadly he died of a heart attack a week later.

So, why a plane ride? Well, you see, I've always been terrified of heights. It seemed fitting to honour his memory by facing my fear and flying high over the very places he guided me through.

I know he is looking down on us from above, and I wanted to be as close to him as I could, even if it meant soaring in the sky.

If you can please donate it would mean the world.

Money will go towards the event and the charity.

The Link to the Even is below!


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