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Max Has Now Left Sovereign

Max today has done the toughest thing in his life and has now left Sovereign. Max said that he "Broke Down" when he got home thats when the emotion hit Max.

Max said that it was a great last day and everyone was so kind and just showered him in good lucks and sorry to see you go comments.

Max posted the following on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.

Today I left Sovereign and I have never felt so sad :( This is goodbye I have enjoyed working with all of you and will miss Sovereign.I want to thank everyone and anyone I have ever had the privilege to speak on the phone with, serve and fix problems for.A lot of people feel silly or stupid when they don’t know the answer to a problem especially IT wise, but you’re not silly or stupid that’s why we are here so never feel that way!My main goal has always been to give my 100% and make sure the customer is happy, I hope I have done that.I wanted to say thanks to all today and Thanks Sovereign for all the things they have done for me over the years There are a lot of people to thank so I will go through as many as I can, I have loved it here but I know for me to progress it’s time to move on the things I want to be remembered for really is making the customer happy, solving as much stuff as I could, always trying 100 percent in everything I did and the work I did to make autism more aware to people.Thank you all for your time and take care goodbye for nowKeep up to date with all my news at MaxJGreen.Com

Max again got lots of comments wishing him well and everyone said he will be missed.

Max Through His Time accomplished, Sovereign VIP Awards Nominee Apprentice of the Year 2015, WBTC Apprentice of the Year Nominee 2015, WBTC Apprentice of the Year 2016 and 24 HOUSING DIVERSITY YOUNG PERSON OF THE YEAR NOMINEE 2018.

His time at Sovereign also saw him do 3 Charity Events raising over 2000 pounds for Make a Wish, National Autistic Society and Pancreatic Cancer Action.

The people who donated saw Max do a Skydive, Abseil and 15 KM Run!

While at Sovereign Max passed his Maths Test, His Driving Test and also his NVQ Level 3 to pass his apprenticeship at Sovereign.

Max also earned his first TV Role while at Sovereign in Holby City and then moving on to star in Doctors twice, Ford Advert and the National Autistic Society Campaign Video Could You Stand the Rejection.

Max's YouTube Channel also grew while at Sovereign reaching over 3000 Subscribers over 150 Thousand Views on his Impression video and his Social Media also took off while at Sovereign.

Max also then started Public Speeches while at Sovereign and has now spoke at Festival , University's and Schools.

Max has many memories at Sovereign and he said "thank you for everyone of them and Sovereign will always be considered a Family and another home to me."


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