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Max Announces Charity Event This Year!

As you may know Max does a charity event every year, Max has done Skydives, Abseils, 15 Mile Walks, Zip Lines and Rough Runners to name a few and they have always been for different charities and this year it is no different!

Max recently went on a little break holiday and went to Portsmouth and saw the Spinnaker Tower and he thought well I have already done the ArcelorMittal Orbit in London so why not, not knowing that the Spinnaker Tower is actually a lot bigger!

Max is not fond of heights and this year is looking to raise £800 for The Alzheimer's Society And Dogs Trust. The Amount Raised will go towards the event and will be split evenly between the 2 charities

Max Announced this Today on his Social Media!

"I do a charity event every year and this year I decided to do an event for 2 Charities the first charity is Alzheimer's Society as I know many people who have had family members with Alzheimer's and I know how tough it can be and I am also donating the other half of the money to Dogs Trust In memory of my Dog Spike who was a rescue dog.

This year I will be doing a Abseil AGAIN but this Time off Spinnaker Tower I do not like heights at all and am training currently to get into shape for this again to make sure I am way under the weight limit!

If you could donate it would mean the world to me"

The Event will be filmed and will be posted on Max's YouTube Channel MaxiAspie.

To Donate Please Click Here


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