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Hi All I want to wish All a very Happy New Year! This Year has been Good, Bad and Stressful! However I did some great thing and accomplished a lot of goals! YouTube Over 3000 Subs!

YouTube 4 Years of MaxiBlog

9 Years on YouTube

Launched my Own Website

Abseiled of the London Olympic Tower to raise money for Charity

Got a New Phone :P

Passed Driving!

Going to The Houses of Parliament Work For The National Autistic Society

Speech AT Oxford Brookes

Attending AGM meeting for Autism

Spent a lot of time with Friends watching them accomplish great things Like Passing Their Driving, Getting Their Jobs Winning Matches and Celebrating Birthdays

Announcement on Friday Of Something I did do in 2017 in August! ( CLUE FOR YOU )

Thanks too All that Made this Year so Special!

Wish You All A Great New Year!


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