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Grandads Funeral

Yesterday was Max's Grandad's Funeral, it was a tough day but a beautiful send off to a brilliant Man.

Max Posted on Social Media.

"Yesterday was a tough day, but we got to celebrate Grandads life and I was truly thankful of how many people came to celebrate his life and say goodbye.

I had the honour and privilege to be a pallbearer alongside my brother and I believe he would have loved that myself and Louis did that.

I then had the honour to say goodbye to Grandad the only way I know how with a speech.

Here is my Eulogy to Grandad.

Dear Grandad

I wanted to start by saying how loved you were, you were an incredible husband to Nan, a loving Father, an amazing Grandad and just a down to earth great person.

Grandad was always a hard worker, a provider and through my years of growing up he was a glowing example and inspiration of how a good decent person should be and what a hard worker looks like, to the point where he worked for White Horse for over 56 Years and was considered the best at what he did.

I will always remember Grandad for the good times we all had with him and what I like to call his classic 3 lines which was “yeah, that’s right and Oi” typically followed by his nose gesture which throughout my life my nose has been compared with his.

I will also remember and miss all the times you gave me directions to places when I needed them, but it would still end up the same way with me needing a SAT NAV due to me not really understanding where you were on about!

The thing I will miss the most about those chats though is the stories you would tell, how excited you was to tell them and how interested I was to hear them, whether that was about the time you done work on the Chelsea football pitch, did a job for the creator of Bob The Builder Keith Chapman or how you was just down the road on a job while the Great Train Robbery was taking place. I will miss and treasure those times talking to you and hearing those stories forever.

We are all sad and devastated that you are gone and we still can’t believe it, we are all here today to celebrate your life with family, friends and loved ones and remember all those loving memories we have of you.

I know we all miss you and I know the love of your life Nan misses you, but one day I believe we will all meet again and be reunited with our loved one, but until then, If I can be just 1% of the man you was Grandad, I will be happy with that.

Born on October 28th 1946 but still taken too soon and suddenly.

It’s only till you lose someone that you realise how much you miss them and have so much to thank them for.

So I thank you Grandad for being such a great father to your children, so they could grow up and become the great people and parents they are today and be able to instil those values to us. I thank you for showing me what a hard worker looks like, I thank you for all the times you looked after me and made me laugh and I thank you for being the best dad to my Auntie and Mum and being the best grandad, we could have asked for.


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