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Channel Update and The Autism Connections Season 5!

Max gave an Update on his YouTube Channel MaxiAspie today about the future of the Channel and what he has been up to since his last video which was 9 months ago. Max gave a brief update on the Channel saying "time has gone very quickly, but the plan is to come back to YouTube, but maybe a video every 2 weeks with better quality."

Today though the Main News that Max wanted to share was that The Autism Connections Season 5 will be airing this week alongside National Autistic Acceptance Week!

This Year will keep the last few years formatm but with a Surprise Guest for the Last Episode being episode 7!

3 Guests will be filmed Online and the other 3 guests will be In Person Interviews!

With the Final Surprise Guest Interview being unknown if its Online or In Person!

Max said "I Still feel the format works it reminds me of when I first started this during COVID19 and having the Online and In Person aspect really reminds me of that time during COVID19 and then after, Plus the Surprise Guest this year is amazing and again the only clue I can give away is they was involved in the Buckland Review, thats all I can say"

Max announced the following Guests for The Autism Connections Season 5

Paul Isaacs - In Person Interview

About Paul Isaacs

Paul is Autistic and started Speaking about Autism in 2009. Paul is now an Autism Speaker Trainer & Consultant at A2ndVoice.

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Karl Harvey - In Person Interview

About Karl Harvey

Karl is a childhood friend of Max's who Max has known since he was 6 Years Old.

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Steph Akerman - In Person Interview

About Steph Akerman

Steph is a Learning & Development Delivery Lead at SNG, she was also in charge of the Apprenticeship scheme and was the person who helped and supported Max during his first ever apprenticeship and job, she is also the mother of Ollie who is Autistic.

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Penny Taylor - Online Interview

About Penny Taylor

Penny Taylor was a teacher of Max's when he went to a SEN School.

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Alex Manners - Online Interview

About Alex Manners

Alex is a Neurodiversity & Autism Speaker and has spoken at may events and companies such as Llyods Banking, British Heart Foundation and Cola Cola.

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Mark Rist - Online Interview

About Mark Rist

Mark Rist is the Head of Education at More Education a Charity which launched in 2019 with the aim of creating a specialist school for those young people who could not access mainstream education. In 2021 Mark and His Wife Tori launched Koala a true community 'one stop shop' that not only hopes to provide a learning environment for those children and young people who cannot cope in mainstream but also facilitates the empowerment and authentic connections for neurodivergent people in the community.

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This Series has another great line up and we can't wait for the episodes to be released!

They will be coming to you everyday from April 1st, with the last episode on the 7th of April with Max's Surprise Guest!

The Announcement can be seen below!


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